West Virginia Moving Towards Online Casinos

It was only a few years ago that the idea of an online casino being legal in the United States seemed impossible. However, a few states have already gotten on the online casino bandwagon, knowing how popular a medium it is for gambling enthusiasts. Nevada online casinos rake in millions in tax revenue for the state, while New Jersey’s legalization of online gambling is also going well. It looks as though West Virginia is attempting to join these states, amid financial reports that show declining state income.

The Head of the Line:

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With online gambling still a relatively new trend in the United States, the various states are looking to get a leg up on one another. For example, West Virginia knows that if they can legalize online casinos within the next year, they will be one of the first entrants into this market in the area. They will have a leg up on the states surrounding them for a few years, which means a huge boost in state tax income.

Gambling Commission:

It is the state’s gambling commission that came up with the idea for legalizing gambling. They know that politicians and citizens have been mulling over the idea for a few years, but the commission’s approval should set things in motion.

The commission has noted that physical gambling revenues are declining across the country, with many people preferring to play on their computers, tablets, or smartphones. Even state lottery tickets are not experiencing their usual yearly gains. In fact, lottery revenues are down 4% on last year’s figures.

It is time, the gambling commission states, for West Virginia to “get with the times” and accept online casinos into their state. There are millions of dollars at stake both for the companies that will own online casinos and for the state government.


It is expected that a bill will be drawn up with specific details about how the online casinos will be set up. As is the case in most states, Native American tribes in the area will get preference over owning these online casinos. If all goes to plan, there should be an online casino available to West Virginia citizens in mid to late 2015.

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