Online Blackjack Basics

If you’re trying to do well in online blackjack, it helps if you understand both the game and a few critical factors that influence player success. Players who pick the right tables and understand basic strategy have an opportunity to beat the house over the short run. It’s important, as well, to understand pace of play and some of the challenges presented to players who try to make good money playing the game online.

The importance of choosing the right table
Though blackjack itself is a relatively simple game, different casinos will have different twists that influence your likelihood of winning. Your first decision is choosing a table that gives you the best odds. You should be looking for a table with these factors:

  • Blackjack payouts of 3:2
  • Dealer stand on soft 17
  • The ability to split and double down in many situations

These factors will give you the best odds, and they’ll help to bring down the house’s game edge a small amount. The most important of these factors is finding tables that provide a full blackjack payout. Some tables pay only 6:5 on blackjack, and this kills your ability to win.

Playing basic strategyblackjackbasics
When you want to win at online blackjack, you need to understand basic strategy. This is called playing by the “book,” and you’ll need to know a few critical rules. First, you should double down any time you have an 11. In addition, you’ll always want to hit hands smaller than 17 when the dealer is showing a seven or higher. Another critical rule to understand is that you should never mess with a 20. Don’t split your 10s, and don’t go hitting when you have a soft 20, either.

Pace of play in online blackjack
The hands can come fast and furious when you’re playing online. This means that you have the opportunity to either win or lose a lot of money in a short period of time. Understand that because the house has an edge on this game, the casino will eventual win if you play for long enough. The key to being successful is beating the house over the short term and walking away with your winnings. If you can remember this critical element of the game, then you’ll have a chance to take home some money while having fun at the tables.

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