Casumo Provides Huge Jackpot for European Winner

There have been plenty of huge jackpot winnings for mobile casino players this year. While online casinos still provide great winnings, mobile casinos have taken over for giving users the best jackpots around. A Finnish player who was playing a game at the Casumo mobile casino had the luckiest day of his life this month. He managed to win a 3.5 million euro prize while playing an Arabian Nights slots game.


It was even more remarkable that the Finnish player only participated in one spin on the game. That is correct; he won 3.5 million euros on his first and only spin on the game. Shocked from the win, he said he was still not sure what he was going to do with the money. He said he would invest some of it and splurge the rest on a house and a holiday. To maintain his privacy, the winner’s name was not revealed.

Casumo has a huge base in Finland, with many of their players coming from that country. The general manager for Casumo in Finland had this to say on the win: “We are all so happy for this winner. While we make a lot of money on our mobile casino games, we also love telling people when they are huge winners. That feeling you get when you call someone and tell them they just won over 3 million euros, it is hard to replicate that.”

The past year has seen countless stories of how players in Europe have won millions of euros while playing games on their mobile. This shows that these games are not only easy to play and very fun, but give you a fighting chance of winning. Critics used to put down mobile casino games by questioning the pay off, but that criticism is no longer relevant.