All Jackpots and All Slots Unavailable To UK Players

Recent additions to gambling laws made by the UK Government have raised concerns for online casino operators. A new gambling bill passed through the UK parliament has dissuaded online casino portal All Jackpots and All Slots from accepting additional UK-based players to register on their website.

UK Gambling

Founded and run by Jackpot Factory Group of Casinos, All Jackpots and All Slots are widely popular and recognised websites that have catered to players from Europe and around the world for years now. Known for their comprehensive collection of Microgaming-based games and applications, the portals have been trusted options as veteran providers of online gambling games. They are also sought after for their regular promotional endeavours.

Requisites of the Bill

Several online gambling operators based in regions like Gibraltar and Malta, cater to players across the globe, including gamers from the UK as well. With the intention of increasing gross gaming revenue, the new gambling Bill passed by the UK Government requires offshore casino operators to acquire license to offer services to players registered within the UK. The Bill also calls for 15 percent tax to be paid on earnings made on British residents. To be set in motion by January 2015, the law has already begun to take effect, as online casinos have started declining registrations from UK residents.

Betway to the rescue

It is however, believed to be a temporary setback, up until licensing and regulatory issues are settled with the British Government. Online operators of All Slots and All Jackpots have started directing players to Betway Casinos instead.

Players from the UK looking to access the online portals are informed via email to open accounts with Betway Casino, a well-established and preferred site by UK based players. Betway offers patrons a variety of choice from over 500 games and an invitation bonus of around $1,000.