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Guide to No-Deposit Casino Gaming Online

Crazy Vegas, Maple Casino and Casino Mate are all online casinos that offer exciting no-deposit opportunities.

No-Deposit Bonuses

Most online casino promotions require you to make a commitment in the form of a real money deposit in order to take advantage of them. A no deposit casino, on the other hand, lets you establish an account and even seeds your bankroll without requiring a deposit or any other obligation. The great advantage to this kind of promotion is that you get to experience the casino without any risk at all. If you don't enjoy the casino, simply walk away from the account.

Crazy Vegas

Crazy Vegas is a no deposit casino that provides you with £3,000 in free bets for a one-hour free-play period. In other words, you create a Real Casino account, don't have to deposit anything and begin your adventure with a £3,000 bankroll. In addition, after the free-play period is over, you can transfer your winnings to your permanent account with just a £25 credit purchase. There are, however, some limitations. You must have placed at least 20 bets, and only winnings beyond the initial £3,000 are suitable for transfer. Furthermore, you cannot transfer more than £100 worth of credits. However, there is no wagering requirement on the winnings, and once transferred, they are yours to do with as you deem fit.

Maple Casino

The Maple Casino allows you to create an account with no deposit necessary, and it even provides you with an initial bankroll of £1,250. The Maple no deposit casino gives you 60 minutes to gamble the £1,250 and then even lets you keep all the winnings. Furthermore, when the free-play period concludes, Maple Casino provides you with 50 free spins on the slot machine LOADED! If you don't win anything during those 50 free spins, the casino will let you take advantage of its 150 per cent match bonus on top of everything else you've already won. The winnings kept from free play are limited to 100 credits and require a minimum purchase of 40 credits. However, the transferred winnings and all winnings from the free spins do not have any additional wagering requirements.

Casino Mate

Casino Mate is a no deposit casino that allows all new clients to experience a 60-minute free-play period with a £2,000 bankroll. Once you've concluded the free-play period, you get to keep any winnings beyond the initial £2,000, up to 100 credits worth, with just a £20 purchase. In addition, that £20 deposit allows you to take advantage of the casino's 30 free spins promotion, which are free games on the very popular Thunderstruck II video slot machine. All transferred winnings from the free-play are free of any additional wagering requirements and yours to do with as you please. Additionally, the new client can still take advantage of the match bonuses on the first three deposits, worth up to £500.


A no-deposit bonus is a risk-free opportunity to experience an online casino and determine if you have future there. Some are better than others, but there's no such thing as bad no-deposit bonus.